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Davina L Coleman Sigma Gamma Rho Leadership Conference Myrtle Beach 2023

As a certified master speaker, Davina's keynotes are inspiring, empowering, and leaves members of the audience feeling revived to complete their life's missions. Although signature talks are listed, Davina can tailor her keynotes, workshops, and seminars to your organization's needs. 

Signature Talks

Check out signature talks available for keynotes and trainings. Contact Davina for additional topics.

Staff Meeting

Vision to Execution: Building Highly Effective Teams

This three hour workshop is designed to help leaders build highly effective teams. By the end of the workshop, participants will know how to take an overarching vision and create actionable targets, structure a highly effective team, and create systems of accountability.

Clapping Audience

Vision to Execution: Accountability is Your Ownership

During this session, participants will discover the proactive process to birthing the vision of their organization and discover ownership lies within when moving from vision to execution.

Clapping Audience
A business meeting
A couple at a business meeting

Vision to Execution: Take the Limits Off Your Execution with a 9-Week Year

During this session, participants will discover the power of taking the limits off their execution of their visions by learning goal setting techniques and how to plan with a 9-week year versus annual goal setting.

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