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I am currently employed with Beaufort County School District (Beaufort, South Carolina) as a Numeracy Coach at Robert Smalls International Academy. As an instructional coach, I have a solid educational foundation and a passion for instruction. I believe that in order to push students to the next level of excellence in achievement, teachers' vision for educational excellence must operate on the C.U.E. method.


They must have a vision that is communicated to all stakeholders, understood by all parties involved, and executed with perseverance and dedication to see it come to fruition.  I hold an expectation for classroom educators to see the potential of success in every student that enters the building. It is my belief that students should be given the opportunity to develop into lifelong learners through a balanced education that addresses the needs of the individual, as well as the group, across the curricular mosaic.

I excel at:

  • Establishing, leading, and maintaining Professional Learning Communities.

  • Providing teacher professional development to help enhance teacher growth.

  • Providing leadership for standard based instruction and assessment to staff.

  • Promoting student growth and achievement through leadership, support, and collaboration.

  • Gathering and analyzing student achievement and other related data to inform the decision-making process regarding school improvement efforts.


My resume contains additional information about my instructional coaching and teaching experiences, leadership roles, and other skills that can be used to enhance your educational institution

Available for:




District & School Level PD

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Davina's Brief

Davina Coleman is a Numeracy Coach who works in Beaufort County School District (Beaufort, SC) to help build teacher capacity in order to close the achievement gap. Davina collaborates with teachers to set specific goals for students that are rooted in the standards, curriculum, and effective instructional practices.


Davina was a featured example for international author and education consultant Jane Pollock on June 27, 2017 on ASCD for her article on "Creating Objectives from Standards". Check it out below!

"Stop! Don't Be A Talking Head!"


Suffering from Talking Head Syndrome? Get ready to take a recovery journey that removes the weight of student learning off of your shoulders and places the ownership of learning back on your students. Attend this session created and led by Davina and write your prescription filled with best instructional practices to engage your learners in collaborative academic discourse.

Audience: Middle-High School Level Mathematics

Group: There It Is!


Learn how to gamify your everyday traditional and technology-enhanced classroom practices and implement grouping strategies to foster collaboration, cooperation and competition in the learning environment. Experience the engagement first hand with co-presenters Davina & Estee and leave with resources you can use immediately with your young learners. Group: There It Is!

Audience: Middle-High School Level All Subjects

ASCD: Crafting Learning Objectives

ASCD: Crafting Learning Objectives

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